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      Well, I can tell you from a personal point of view, depending on how much bad credit you have it may take you a while to get it good enough for aloan for a house. I had alot of bad credit and so did my husband. He chose to file bankrupt for his credit and I chose to clean mine the way I intended when the credit was given to me. i took one bill at a time and divided into reasonable payments. I paid them off one a t a time until each were done. It took me two years (applying my taxes to it too) and while I was doing this I also got a credit card, one with a yearly fee, but it helped to establish good credit again for me. I now have got rid of that card and have three others with out fees, I use in emergencies, or just to boost my credit score. We are now ready to buy a house and resently was approved for a loan of 180,000. Not as much as I would hope, but much better then two years ago when we could not even get a loan for 62,000. Good luck to you.

      On 4/18/08, aladyfirst2002[/b] <> wrote:

      I am a single mother of three I work 40hrs wk I make 9hr I am not
      getting any support but I am looking to buy a house because I am
      staying in a place that is owned by a slumlord I cant afford to move
      right now. I know that I have bad credit I really just need someone to

      be honest with me and tell me what it is I need to do beside file
      bankrupt which is my next option. HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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