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      Creature Comfort
      It’s hard not to feel a little calmer when petting a cat or a little happier while watching a puppy play. Now scientific research has proven what we’ve suspected all along: pets keep us younger, happier and healthier!

      It doesn’t seem to matter what kind of pets we own. Studies have looked at everything from traditional pets like dogs, cats and fish to birds and iguanas. Just owning a pet of any kind decreases your risk of dying by three percent each year, making it an important lifestyle choice.

      Here are some ways pet ownership benefits us:

      Heart Health

      Tests have shown that petting a dog lowers your heart rate and blood pressure. Dog owners also have lower cholesterol as a group than non-dog owners. A study by the University of Minnesota showed that owning a cat cuts the risk of heart attack or stroke by 40 percent.


      Having a pet increases the chance of surviving a life-threatening illness. In a University of Pennsylvania study, patients with serious heart disease who had pets had lower death rates (less than 6%) than those without pets (28%). Researchers suspect that pets fulfill the “need to be needed” in older adults.

      Weight Loss

      In one study, dog owners who walked their dogs for 20 minutes five days a week lost 14 pounds after a year without dieting. Another study suggested that playing with and cuddling a pet could replace the need for comfort food.

      Good Mental Health

      Owning a pet has been proven to reduce stress in adults and children. Watching a fish tank, for example, is as effective in lowering stress levels as meditating or taking medication. Children with pets have a higher level of self-esteem, and children with disabilities respond particularly well to pet-assisted therapy.

      Allergy Prevention

      While pets can certainly trigger allergic reactions in adults, children who live with a cat or dog in their infancy and beyond are less likely to develop hay fever, asthma or animal-related allergies.

      So remember the next time you’re cleaning up after your cat or walking your dog on a dark, winter morning that owning a pet is actually good for you!

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      I noticed I cheered up a lot and needed less human attention when I got my ferret. Yay anti-depression ferret

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      Thanks JoAnn…I just knew that my little Ox was good for something 🙂

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      I know when my son had his dog staying at the house with us — I really enjoyed her.

      Tarrien, your little ferret has to be a joy to you.. Does it eat dry dog food too ? besides the dry cat food.

      We have a large fish tank in the house here, and I could sit for some time just watching the fish, but miss the petting of the dog Lolll No I won’t try petting them Lolll.

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      I’ve had ferrets that would eat dog food, but this girl is picky. She wont even touch the cat food the cats eat. She’ll eat the cheapest cat foods instead which is good.

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      LOL petting fish would be interesting 🙂 I love watching them at the drs office. It really is calming

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      *Due to an accident when user was 3 involving 50 or so fish database does not suggest petting fish. Or taking them out of water

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      lol i suppose that means walking them is out of the question lol

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      she’ll eat the cheapest cat foods instead which is good.

      tarrien, i’ll have to watch for cat food coupons for you, and send them to you..

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      Lol, having pets is really calming but not when the pet itself is stressed! I have adopted a chihuahua who grinds his teeth and whose shoulders are very tense and i get stressed of watching him!
      I have birds and gerbils too though and it’s indeed very calming to watch them and to have them. But just goes to show that having a dog sometimes stressed you more than not having one.

      I have to calm the dog instead of vica versa!
      My boyfriend and i started grinding our teeth too because of him doing it!

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      I have 4 boy cats that are my replacements for haveing children. They even think they are children at this point. yes!

      they do replace the need to be needed. i love them and with my panic attacks, depression and sleep apnia they are priceless! my oldest will wake me if i stop breathing at night.

      or fall asleep without my bi-pap machine (helps me breath when asleep). they all sleep on the bed with me all day if im ill. if i am going to have a panic attack they know befor i do and will stick to me like glue.

      if im depressed they do the sillest things to make me lauph. dh and love cat blupers tv. wich airs right in our liveing room!!!

      lol! pets are priceless and smarter than most give them credit fore.

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