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      I hope I’m doing this right, I clicked on the correct link!

      I have left over mini blind rods that you use to adjust the blinds up and down, I have taken those and attached at the top on the loop left over curling ribbon and yarn in different lengths, made it quite long almost up to 3ft. Then I purchased some liquid spray on catnip spray. It sticks quite well to the yarn lengths and the cats (all 3 of them) love to chase it. When the ribbon gets shredded you can easily replace it. I would attach a picture but I haven’t replaced the ribbon yet because I am out of the catnip spray and I’m waiting for it to go on sale again! You can get super cheap left over pieces of yarn and ribbon at resale shops and garage sales, and a lot of us have had those long thick mini blind thingys that have broken off from twirling it around too far.

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      I made a cat toy by crocheting a ball filling with fiberfill and cat nip. The yarn is easy for my kitties to grab and flip for many hours of fun.

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      I wish I could crochet! My mom tried many times to teach me and I could never learn, now my hands shake way to much to even hold the tools for it. I would love to see a picture sometime if you have one! 🙂

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