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      I thin out my spaghetti sauce or chili with V8 juice or the generic store equivalent. It adds a dose of veggies without altering the taste, actually it adds a bit of zing to the taste! I have also taken the surplus zucchini from the garden, shredded it, frozen it and then tossed that in to spaghetti sauce at times too.

      Zucchini bread is tasty too.

      I have started adding the tvp into some things, but, dh isn’t crazy about it. he’ll eat it, but given his druthers, he’d rather it not be there. i use soy milk to make smoothies.

      it is another great way to add the essential soy element into your diets. i get the vanilla soy milk and have chocolate flavoured soy protein shake mix to start with. i then add bananas, strawberries, peaches etc.

      whatever is on hand frozen or otherwise. delicious and nutritious!

      dh & dd do not care for sweet potatoes, but they are so good for you i have found that if i roast some sweet potatoes with white potatoes when we have pork roast, they will eat them then. adding a dash of cinnamon and nutmeg to the sweet potatoes before roasting also enhances the flavour.

      i am lucky in that dd & dh are not bad about eating their veggies.

      in fact dd usually will *only* eat her veggies and leaves the meat. – i am okay with that since she eats enough other stuff high in protein to off set any lack of meat.

      another fun way to get dd to eat veggies is taco night!!!! she will eat lettuce and occasionally tomatoes if they are piled on top of a taco – or at our house, hay stacks (tacos in pile on your plate you eat with a fork) dd also loved 1,000 Island dressing and Honey Mustard dressing.

      So, I will make tossed salads out of the field greens, spinach and iceberg lettuces. She often asks for more salad!!! I also got her started eating raw carrots but making or buying the match stick ones.

      They weren’t as hard to chew up and were fun to eat. Now she will eat raw carrots anyway presented to her, but she still prefers to match stick kind.

      Just a couple ideas.

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Budget101 Discussion List Archives Kids / Children Creative ideas to get your kids to eat better