Cream Cheese Olive Penguins

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      Spruce up your holiday party with adorable edible Cream Cheese Olive Penguins!

      you need carrots cut into coins, then cut a small quarter piece out of it to make a beak
      Black olives (big & small)
      Chive Cream Cheese

      Place a cut carrot coin on a plate.

      Cut a slit in the large olive (not completely through to the other side) Pipe the cream cheese into the slit olive. I did mine by putting the chive cream cheese mix into a freezer ziplock bag and cutting the corner off the bag, then squeezing it into the cut olive.

      Place this onto the carrot coin (so it looks like he has feet) and gently press a toothpick down the center of the cream cheese filled olive into the carrot coin to stabilize it.

      Attach a small olive for a head, add a piece of carrot for nose, just slip it into the little hole where they pitted the olive! Add a tiny grape tomato for the hat and a drop of cream cheese for the pom-pom on the hat to finish them off.

      It takes about 15 minutes to make a couple dozen of these.

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