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Holidays & Special Occasions Halloween Crazy Cat Lady!

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      When Mom retired earlier this year, we opened up a gift shop in our small town. We were asked to participate in the 1st Annual Haunted House sponsored by our local police department. Since retiring, Mom has been on a mission of feeding and housing animals for those around town who can’t afford it, rescuing strays, having them spayed or neutered, socializing them, and finding them good homes. She also takes the old, unwanted animals and gives them a loving home until the end. We are part of a not-for-profit SPCA agency for our county and are called, “Happy Trails Retirement & Rescue” – so of course I immediately thought of a Crazy Cat Lady – since it wasn’t much of a stretch for her! 🙂

      We sat her in a rocking chair in the corner and surrounded her with paper mache’ beanie baby egg sacs! We also took a mannequin from our shop and “kidnapped” her for being a kitty hater!!! There were kitties all around, and empty sacks of cat food and kitty litter boxes, and mom just sat there rocking, petting her little stuffed kitty. Most people thought she was fake, until she spoke to them! We all had a blast, and we raised a lot of money, which goes back to our small town to have more activities for the community!
      Here’s mom in her Crazy Cat Lady costume:

      Here’s a pic of our kidnap victim:

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Holidays & Special Occasions Halloween Crazy Cat Lady!