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      Wall Hanging Fan (outta wallpaper)—fold wallpaper back and forth
      like you would to make a fan. Cut edges rounded if you like. Staple
      the fan where it looks like a half circle.

      Get string and tie the
      bottom where the hole is to hold the bottom up once that is all
      done. Take silk flowers and hot glue them on the fan covering the
      hole where you could not fit the stapler. Scrap wallpaper(that is on
      clearance works well) and go to a Dollar Store for the silk flowers.
      I make 17 fans and they cost me 13 bucks.

      When you staple to make
      the fan staple one at the top….one in the middle…..and one as
      close as you can get to the bottom. That way when ppl want to hang
      it they can hang it from a nail and the staple is what helps hang it
      as the staple will sit on the nail.
      Shopping List w/coupon holder in the back—-Get school folders that
      are marked down in price…(they cost 10 cents out here) but make
      sure that you get the folders with the three prongs in it. Turn the
      folder inside out and cut along the pocket.

      Once that is done. You
      will open it and see that there is one prong. Measure where you will
      have to punch a hole in the paper and cut paper according to the size
      of the folder.

      25 sheets of paper is the best fit. To many sheets
      does not look right. On the front get stencils and take a black
      marker and put on the front groceries or things to do or shopping.
      whichever you prefer.

      now open it and on the inside behind the
      paper …using the stencil write out coupons and that is where you
      can put coupons for when you go shopping.
      memory books (for grade school kids(8th graders)—-Using the top
      part of the folder that you just cut off to make your shopping
      list… Take wallpaper (scrap)and measure out the size of the folder
      and cover it and to secure it use double sided tape($5.00 at
      walgreens). Once that is done then again measure where to punch
      holes and you can put about 40 sheets of paper in this.

      On the
      inside of the folder take the same color paper and tape to the inside
      of the cover front and back.

      Michaels Craft store always has paper
      on sale for 5cents a sheet ( decrative paper)
      Illusion ankle braclets
      Get illusion wire ($2.00)at Hobby Lobby.
      Get beads that are half off and put on the illusion wire(plastic)
      Once that is done…Add a clasp to the braclets and its done….you
      can make ankle braclets that way too.
      Christmas Ornaments—-Get the glass clear ornaments(2.00 for box of
      12) take little bottles of paint (40 cents each) get colors that you
      would like to mix.

      Take the top off of the ornament. Pour in some
      paint…and carefully roll the ornament. Grab a plastic cup and turn
      the ornament upside down letting all the excess paint run out.

      dry 1 day. Repeat those steps until the inside of the ornament is
      totally covered with paint.
      Christmas Wreaths made w/ fabric—-Form wreath(5 bucks) Find fabric
      that you would like to use for the wreath. Cut fabric into 2inch x2
      inch squares.

      Use fabric that is on clearance. Make sure that you are
      heating up your hot glue gun at this time. Take your square and put
      your pencil (not sharpened) in the middle of the fabric….pleat
      around pencil and hold fabric on the pencil.

      Once that is done dab a
      little glue on the tip on the fabric and using the pencil still push
      thru the foam. Do that all around the foam til you cant see the foam
      anymore. Do the same with the candles.
      made with matching candle holders with same fabric.

      Total cost of
      making the wreaths is about 10 bucks..and I see them for 30 bucks and
      not as a set.

      — In, “Cathy” wrote:
      > wow, what a great list! I would love your ideas and instructions
      for the
      > following you have on your list:
      > > Key chains
      > > Christmas Ornaments
      > >> Christmas Wreaths made w/ fabric
      > > made with matching candle holders with same fabric
      > >>> and many others ….just cant think of them all lol.
      > thanks!
      > Cathy Palmer
      > Atlanta, Georgia

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