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      We make candles here. I look for candles that are at 2nd hand stores or yard sales which are usually either free or ultra cheap. Then I get the wick material , color chips, and the scented oil at a hobby shop.

      I usually have a bunch of old glass jars and other glass containers around the house so I cut a piece from a wire coat hanger that would sit over top of the glass jar or whatever. I measure, cut, and tie the wick material to the piece of wire so that it hangs down in the center of the container. I then melt all the old candles and add as much or little of the color chips or scented oil as I want.Pour it into the containers and let them sit usually about 24 hours undisturbed.

      Sometimes it will settle and you will have to pour more wax, sometimes not. It is interested because you can do different colors/layers/scents all in the same container.

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