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      My hobbies are gardening. I’m budding some plants now to

      > get ready for the spring. Does anyone know where to rent a tiller?


      We rented one from the local Rent-All store. (ours is an Ace True

      Value store) Look in the phone book under equipment rentals. I think

      it was about $50-60 for 1 day, but that was a couple of years ago.

      And make sure your dh secures it well when you transport it. Mine put

      it in the back of the van to take it back. When he hit the gas to

      leave, the tiller rolled backwards and right through the back window

      of the van!!! Guess who had to buy a new window the next day. not

      me!!! i made dh do it. 😉 but we had good luck with the rental and

      no problems.

      jennifer in the nebraska panhandle

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