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      — In, Debbie wrote:


      > Tom,


      > The site you are talking about is I use it

      > regularly, and it is awesome. You can trial it for a month for


      > $1. << It’s worth $1 to try it and see if it helps you. I also tried it and I am amazed at the people who say it helps them, for me it was completely useless. The only “Big Deal” I found was on ice cream which is something we dont need anyways. It cost me $30 for the few stores I regularly shop at and MOST of the Best deals that it showed for each store were never valid! I found myself (week after week) becoming increasingly more frustrated with it. $30 is a LOT of money to waste for something you get can get for free all over the internet. You can view all the grocery store sales (& create a free printable grocery list from the items you choose) in your area by visiting:

      You can print free coupons that change every couple days here:

      You can view daily deals in our Coupons Galore forums as well as find

      other great coupon deals (it helps if you chime in now and then with

      the stores you like to visit, so we know what to post for people.)

      And if all that isn’t enough and you are still trying to learn how to

      find the deals yourself, you can view our deal of the week section.

      Where we post grocery deals, Like the $60 in groceries I bought

      for .58 cents TOTAL.

      (More will be added shortly, I have the deals to Post, but we’ve had

      some changes on our server which are not working out so well for

      editing the site!)


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