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      I have to buy an out of town paper, for almost $2.00, because our

      local town paper has lousy coupons. I go to on Saturday

      and get a “preview” of the coupons for the Sunday paper so I can see

      if it is worth buying or not. I have actually been saved from buying a

      paper a few times because none of the coupons were useful to me.

      I peruse the weekly ads and compare with my coupons. I will only make

      a trip out to the store if the ad and coupon can be used together.

      People in this town must not use coupons because the cashier was

      surprised once when I saved $17.00 in coupons. I have so much stuff in

      my pantry and freezer now, from Angel Food, that I only need odds and

      ends right now.


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