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      I’ll tell you how I use coupons. I’ve
      been doing this for 8 months and have put together quite a pantry full of food
      and household items. It’s working great for us.

      I review the online grocery flyer as soon
      as it becomes available. Here in Savannah,
      the Kroger flyer is online Saturday morning even though the paper version won’t
      arrive until Sunday’s paper. I look for things that we use regularly that
      are on BOGO. I then go to eBay and search for a related coupon that’s 50
      cents or $1 off each item. At Kroger’s, 50 cents is just as good as a
      dollar because they double coupons up to 50 cents. I decide how many of the
      items I need and purchase the coupons accordingly. You can frequently get
      coupons for .05 each. There are a lot of people out there clipping coupons
      professionally. I buy from reputable sellers who I know will mail the next day.
      I usually get the coupons by Wednesday or Thursday at the latest and the sales
      go till Saturday.

      I’ll go over a couple of recent

      Dial Hand Soap- on this week for $1 each.
      I found a coupon for 50 cents off (which is really $1). I will only have to pay
      tax (.07 each). I bought 20 coupons because we were running low and soap stores
      well. That will be enough to last us approximately 12 months.

      Finesse Conditioner (the only kind my
      husband uses)- on a few weeks ago for BOGO. Found a coupon for $1 off. I wanted
      to buy 12 but they didn’t have any left on the last day of the sale so I
      got a raincheck. I can purchase for $1.34 minus the $1 off. This will last us
      about 4 months.

      Honey Bunches of O’s~ they were on 2
      for $4 for the large family size. I found coupons for $1 off which made them $1
      each. THEN, I had coupons that said that for every 2 Post cereals (I think it’s
      Post), you get a free ½ gallon of milk.

      I bought 24 cereals and froze most of the
      milk. I did it over a few different trips that week so as not to make the
      cashier’s head explode.

      I find that the little bit extra I pay for
      the coupons still saves me lots of money when I buy in bulk like this. It
      should be noted that “technically”, the vendors are not selling
      coupons, they are charging for their time to cut and sort them. Selling coupons
      is illegal in the US.

      Hope that helps!


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      Subject: : coupons

      How do some of you make out good with coupons? I never
      seem to find

      any for things I use or the generic or store brands are cheaper than

      the name brand with the coupon. Is there a trick to collecting them?

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