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      Here is how I do it. I am a member of 6 coupon train groups here on Yahoo. I collect coupons by buying 2 papers a sunday, the local one and the Chicago one, and through the coupon trains. My local paper had 45 coupons this last week and the Chicago one had 230 and I save enough to ofset the prie of both papers.I have a small coupon organizer that fits in my purse so I always have my coupons on me. I only use the coupons along with sales this is how I save. I will use coupons on non sale items if the coupon is about to expire and I know we use the item on a regular basis. I cannot save like others do because the stores where I live do not double coupons. So that is my trick, Patti

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      Sent: Monday, November 5, 2007 12:48:07 AM
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      How do some of you make out good with coupons? I never seem to find
      any for things I use or the generic or store brands are cheaper than
      the name brand with the coupon. Is there a trick to collecting them?



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