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      The bigger savings come when you have several weeks worth of

      coupons, too.

      Oh- and at Walgreens, if something is Free after Rebate (FAR), you

      can use a coupon on it AND redeem the rebate for the full amount

      BEFORE the coupon!

      So, if it’s $4.99, and you have a $1.50 off, you pay only $3.49, and

      then you receive $4.99 back in the mail. And, if you choose to get

      it back in the form of a Walgreens gift card, you get 10% added to

      it, so you get a gift card for $5.48 back, meaning they paid you

      $1.99 to take it out of their store, not counting tax. And hey,

      either way, it pays for the tax on the item, and you still get extra


      Good luck!!

      — In, “shellbeau813”



      > Hi Everyone!

      > I read your posts everyday in daily digest and haven’t posted


      > But I have learned alot from all of you and been quite inspired.

      > Recently I have started really doing the coupon thing, especially


      > drugstores. The grocery stores here (near Boston MA) don’t send


      > flyers so it is hard to shop coupon sales for food. I took your

      > advice and asked my MIL (she gets 2 different Sunday papers) for


      > left over coupons. Often she uses different things than I do, so I

      > benefit with the extra coupons!!! That was great advice.

      > I had a great success I would like to share- since my DH doesn’t


      > my excitement over big savings.

      > I cut my coupons, looked over the flyers for CVS and Walgreen’s,


      > a list, checked it twice (haha) and off I went to the stores.

      > CVS:

      > 1 Shaving cream 3.49 on sale 2.50 less $1 coupon= 1.50

      > 2 Dawn dish detergent 1.89, on sale .99 less $1 off 2=.98

      > 2 Colgate toothpaste 2.99, on sale 1.97 less $1 both= 1.94

      > received $3 coupon off next $10 CVS purchase!


      > $1.50 extra care card coupon

      > TOTAL SPENT $2.92 FOR $13.25 MERCHANDISE!!!



      > 1 Act flouride rinse 4.49 on sale 3.50 less $1 coupn= 2.50

      > 2 Crest toothpaste 2.39 on sale 1.39 less $2 coupn=.78

      > (both toothpastes had free sample toothpastes attached- BONUS!)

      > 1 Mr Clean cleaner 2.99 on sale 1.99 less $1 coupon=.99

      > 1 Super large Pantene shampoo 7.99 on sale 6.00 less $3 cou=$3

      > 1 reg size Pantene conditioner 4.99 less BOGO free=0

      > Received $6 Walgreens coupon for next Walgreen’s purchase!!!


      > TOTAL SPENT 7.27 FOR $25.24 MERCHANDISE!!!

      > WOW!!! overall I spent $10.19 for $38.49 of stuff!!


      > See what you all inspired me to do!!!!!

      > Thanks! Now I can’t wait for next weeks flyers…

      > Michelle in MA


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