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      The Sam’s Club container is 38 oz. as well. I double checked our supply.

      Priced at $29 and change.


      Herlean wrote: How much is Enfamil at Costco? How big is the container?

      I have bought it at Sam’s Club and by the case at Babies R Us. Always searching for the best price for that stuff!


      Allison Cooper wrote: My husband and I have been members of Costco for several years. Between the two of us, we quickly pay for the membership cost just in milk (about $2/gallon), bananas ($.33/lb), 90% lean ground beef ($2/lb), and bulk cheese alone. Now that we have an infant, we have found that Enfamil is cheap there too.

      They also have very reasonable good prices on #10 sizes of tomato sauce and chili beans. We have enjoyed our membership. Also, to chime in on an earlier conversation.

      My husband was very resistant to packing his lunch as he is always in his car and had troubles keeping ice from melting. I cost justified a cooler from Walmart that plugs into his car. This way his drinks and packed lunch stay cool with no mess or nuisance of ice.

      He loves it during the day (we paid for it in about one month from money saved on Cokes and eating lunch out) and I love it when we travel.
      Justa thought…. -Allison You Wrote: Costco
      Posted by: “prcheney76” prcheney76
      Thu Aug 3, 2006 12:51 pm (pst)

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