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      I haven’t heard that. My son got the Costco one and gave me a card and I got the Sams and gave him one. The only information asked for is the one who purchases the membership, pictures are taken of each person and the cards are give to you at that time.

      They are just regular memberships, with only my Sams card being chargeable and his is not. Sharon

      Louise Davis wrote: I belong to Costco and will say that everything I have bought there in
      food line is good.
      I have a question. Here in Salt Lake if you sign up and want someone on
      your membership with you, the person has to live in the same house. You
      can’t have a friend on the list unless they live with you.

      Is that the
      case other places? It wasn’t always that way but has been the past
      couple of years. Louise

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