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      > Okay Liss now I’m really going to pick your brain. All of these
      > “homemade”
      > cures/treatments call for special ingredients which may or may not be easy
      > to find. As well as probably pretty expensive.<<< LOL. Most of these sound exotic, however, almost all of them can be found
      in your own backyard. I grow alot of my own herbs and make my own tinctures,
      teas, infusions, tisanes, decotions, salves, lotions, balms, etc. I love
      doing it and I have tons of stuff to work with. It’s actually fairly
      inexpensive to make your own remedies. For example.. I LOVE motherwort
      tincture for PMS/Cramps.. 5 drops in a mug of tea and I’m back to my ol’
      self again. If I bought a box of “Pamprin” I’d have to take 2-3 of them to
      get them to work, wait 5 or more hours… and then worry about the side
      effects (stomach bleeding, hives, blisters, rash, etc). Not only that, but
      it’s $7. for a box. I can make a bottle of tincture for less than $1.50
      (including the bottle & dropper) and it lasts up to 3 years (depending on
      the tincture). If I bought a box I’d have to buy at least 1 box every 3
      months. Not so frugal.

      >> How is doing all this yourself cheaper, easier or better than just going
      >> to the doctors and at
      > what point do you say “enough” with your family and go to the actual
      > doctor?<< It’s 100% about your Comfort level. For me, I usually wont go unless
      something is actually broken. Actually, I have gone in for them to diagnose
      me, then I throw out the prescription and “cure” myself, lol. When it comes
      to the kids, I take them if they need it. We go to the doc when we need a
      broken bone set, x-rays, or stitches. Aside from that… they aren’t much
      help. They’re playing a guessing game just as much as I am, and honestly, I
      know my body a lot better than any doc that sees me every 3 or 4 years.

      I suppose I could go to the Dr and get antibiotics for strep, but, do I
      really want a yeast infection, thrush, or a host of other issues on top of a
      crappy swollen throat? Not really.

      > I’m not questioning what you are doing by any means. I’m actually playing
      > devil’s advocate here. << Understandable. It seems overwhelming when you start reading all of the
      information passed in the threads. I’ve been doing this for more than 20
      years, so it’s second nature to me.

      >> I’m sure I’m not the only one who might be thinking the same thing. It
      >> seems like there is a lot of work involved in doing it yourself. Do you
      >> use everything natural or are there over the counter drugs that you use?
      >> << It’s really not alot of work. It takes all of 10 minutes to pick a handful
      of herbs, wash them & place them in a jar, cover them with alcohol, tighten
      the lid and turn it every other day, adding more liquid as needed. A few
      weeks later, you spend 5-10 minutes straining the mix into bottles and
      voila, you have enough medicine for family & friends for a couple years. I
      add a little more to my collection each year, some stuff that I dont use
      often I purchase, but the average dr appoint here is $150. I can purchase
      ALOT of supplies and medicine for that price, not to mention avoiding
      missing work trying to get in to see the dr, standing in line filling the
      prescription and the fact that the closest hospital is 40 minutes away.

      >> What about for simple aches and pains…do you use Tylenol or Advil?
      >> What about things for like upset stomachs, diarrhea, vomiting,
      > toothaches, etc…? I am pretty sure there are probably tons of natural
      > remedies for these things but isn’t it easier to just pop a few pills? << Simple aches and pains- we use a homemade sports cream rub (if its
      muscular). For headaches & migraines – I use feverfew tincture, about 12-15
      drops in a mug of tea. Upset stomachs I usually treat with ginger & honey,
      it works faster than anything else on the market and I couldn’t keep Pepto
      bismal down if my life depended on it. It hits my throat and I heave.

      Vomiting… never really had this problem, I kind of feel if my body is
      rejecting things, it’s trying to clean itself out. So I go with the flow
      , whichever end it chooses to come out. We all had a 48 hour
      stomach flu back this fall… but none of us attempted to get in its way
      with otc meds. My only concern, especially in children, would be sure to
      stay hydrated. Your system can stand to go a few days without eating, but
      you need fluids daily.

      Toothaches… nothing works faster than a crushed clove or clove oil, but
      then, Get to a dentist- tooth abcesses are NOTHING to play around with.

      Cant sleep- a few drops of valerian in your tea at night will knock you
      right out, but you wont be in a drug induced fog should something happen in
      the middle of the night. They were saying on the news this morning that
      Americans filled more than 35 MILLION Prescriptions for sleeping pills last
      year. (Ambien alone made 1.76 BILLION Dollars in 2004) I’m thinking.. I’d
      rather add a couple drops of tincture to my tea than line the pockets of
      these giants. 🙂

      Most of the time it really isnt any easier to pop a few pills. It takes the
      same amount of time to add a few drops of tincture to your tea (which I
      drink all day anyway).

      When we travel I do tend to rely on things like Tums, Childrens Motrin or
      Tylenol, and walmart brand excedrin. Then again, I have a few natural
      remedies that I bring with me as well. I wouldnt leave home with Lavender
      essential oil or Tea Tree Oil. They work wonders!

      I guess we look at over the counter “medicines” about the same way I look
      at convenience foods like boxed cake mix.. it’s there if you need it in a
      pinch, but it’s not what I prefer to have. I’ve taken Nyquil on occasion,
      Robitussin (grandma says “put some Tussin’ on it), tylenol on occasion. But
      I can count on 1 hand the number of times I’ve taken any of these in the
      last year.

      I don’t get sick very often. When I do, it’s because I’ve ignored my
      instincts, been sleep deprived and on the go too much. Usually you can tell
      when you’re starting to come down with something, or if the kids bring some
      bug home from school you can tell.. they’re more irritable, their ears might
      be red, lips could be a deeper red or more pale than usual, etc. When you
      notice these signs, you boost your immunity (& your childrens) and sit back
      and let mother nature Bring it on.

      Save the antibiotics for the serious stuff.



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