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      Here’s my top 10 Must-Haves, but yours will probably differ a bit (It
      completely depends on your family):

      1. Kyolic Garlic
      2. Motherwort Tincture
      3. Nettle (Tincture & Tea)
      4. Lavender Essential Oil
      5. Tea Treel Essential Oil
      6. Feverfew Tincture
      7. St. Johnswort Tincture
      8. Bach’s Rescue Remedy
      9. Scullcap Tincture
      10. Valerian Root Tincture
      11. Yarrow Tincture

      Dried Herb for Infusions/ Teas

      1. Nettle
      2. Red Clover
      3. Oatstraw
      4. Comfrey
      5. Mullein
      6. Mints (various ones- peppermint, catmint)

      Other things I always have on hand:

      fresh honey, beeswax, virgin olive oil
      Fresh Ginger Root, Crystallized ginger root (they might turn down tea but
      I’ve NEVER seen anyone turn down my ginger cookies!)

      >>The motherwort tincture is something I’d like to have. I suffer terrible
      >>from PMS…to the point where the doctors have put me on Prozac. Oh and
      >>that’s another thing…what about mixing the natural with the chemistry?
      >>I take 20mg of Prozac a day and to be honest, with my depression and
      >>anxiety, I can’t function without it. << You would definetely have to check with your dr on this one, Although most
      doctors would have no idea what the pharmacology of Motherwort is, let alone
      whether they are compatible. You would probably have to speak with a
      Naturopathic Dr to get a legit answer. Rather than go herbal you could go
      the homeopathic route which can be used in conjunction with any current

      (I also suggest Susan Weeds books! She delves into this topic quite

      >>> I agree with you on the seeing a doctor every 3 or 4 years. I have no
      > insurance so I have to be almost dead before I go to the doctors and spend
      > that money.<< I have insurance, but I prefer not to go unless it’s necessary. >>> Also, what is valerian? I have suffered for years from insomnia and I
      >>> refuse to take the meds…over the counter or prescription cause the
      >>> next day I feel like I’m in a fog and I worry terrible that one of my
      >>> kids will need me in the middle of the night and I won’t be able to get
      >>> to them cause I’ll be drugged.<< You might want to start with some nourishing herbs such as nettle &
      oatstraw tea. (Nourishing herbs CAN be used in conjunction with the
      prescriptions your on). These really help soothe the nerves. In addition to
      that you can add 5-7 drops of scullcap tincture or Valerian Root – (to
      answer your question: Valerian Root (Valeriana officinalis) is a perennial
      garden herb that grows to be five feet tall and produces small fragrant
      white flowers, but it’s the root of the plant that is used medicinally.
      Valerian Root appears to act by enhancing the actions of a natural brain
      chemical, GABA (gamma-aminobutyric acid). GABA is a neurotransmitter, a
      chemical that carries messages between brain nerve cells. GABA inhibits the
      transmission of nerve signals, thereby reducing nervous excitation).

      What is WILL do is to help you fall asleep. If you’re the type of person
      that has no trouble Falling asleep But Does have trouble Staying asleep,
      than Valerian won’t fix it. It has been my experience that capsules /
      tablets are useless and or poor quality. I prefer tinctures from a reputable

      Another option if you are normally a coffee drinker during the day, is to
      cut coffee intake and try the homeopathic remedy: Coffea Cruda . That works
      wonderfully as well.

      >> So basically, set me up…how do I get started, what should I start with
      >> and
      > where would I get what I need?<< Umm.. just pick 1 or 2 little things. I would start with some nourishing
      teas.. because after you’ve been drinking those for a couple weeks, you’ll
      see a huge difference in how you feel, your level of patience, stress
      levels, etc.

      I would always keep lavender essential oil on hand, it works wonders in
      relieving headaches, sinus congestion, relaxes you at bedtime, etc, etc.

      What you keep on hand may also change with the seasons. For this time of
      year I like to Keep Yarrow Tincture on hand. Yarrow is used for the common
      cold and fevers, it also works great in conjunction with Licorice Root for
      chest congestion, etc. In the summer & fall, I keep Sweet Fern Salve in the
      cupboard (you can’t buy it, you gotta make it)- to get rid of poison ivy &
      poision oak, which my kids seem to bring home to me on their clothing.

      You can get what you need at any herbal shop, natural health food store, or
      at tons of different companies online.

      What I would do first and foremost, is to learn the difference between
      nourishing, tonifying, stimulating and potentially poisonous herbs, so that
      you can use them wisely.

      Here is an article from one of my favorite authors, Susan Weed, that can
      help you get started.

      https://www.herbshealing.com/herbal_ezin … tm#article

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