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      Ok, this is my FIRST post ever for you guys, but I had to chime in. I read stuff
      everyday and
      just sit quietly. Just wanted to say HI and that’s great that you instilled in
      them good frugal
      habits;-) That is what I’m struggling with! I’m Bridget from a small lil town in
      PA, I’m 25
      and live at home but pursuing my masters. Honestly I want to stay in my lil
      town. However
      the issue comes in $. IT is small aka no walmart etc. We have 2 franchises
      Subway and
      Giant Eagle. The Mellons that own Mellon bank kinda run the town that way so
      that it
      keeps the lil town flavor. The joke is that anyone that lives here doesn’t
      really shop here.
      The prices are all jacked up high usually. I only shop sales or for a special
      occasion or
      deal. I try to be frugal but I stink at it. I have expensive taste and was
      raised as an only
      child (to some spoiled, BUT NEVER a brat) I knew that I was blessed. However, I
      was not
      taught how to manage money hardly at all. I am a coupon cutter, deal finder, and
      if I order
      something it is normally on clearance or sale or I have deals to get freebies
      with it. I just
      love to find out deals and freebies and thrive on that. I am working on the
      whole grocery
      bill thing, that is what kills me. I love natural/organic food too. I just need
      guidance and
      that is what I get out of Budget 101 and you all. 🙂

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