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      I’m so excited to try my new detergent!
      This is what it cost me – less than .02 cents per 1/2 cup (that’s .02 per load!)
      There’s no way I can buy laundry soap for that amount, even with coupons! I usually pay 2.74 for a 32 load bottle.

      .25 per 1/2 cup Washing Soda
      .42 per 1/2 cup Borax
      I make homemade soap, and have tons of it laying around for years (the end pieces that I won’t give away, a misshaped one, etc) So I didn’t have to pay for soap.
      I did add some lavender, orange and grapefruit essential oils for a great smell.

      I’m thinking that if I like the results from the detergent, I’ll make up a batch solely for whites, and add blueing to it.

      I hope it works!

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