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      I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to get away from the cost of buying liquid

      Tide. Unfortunately every other laundry soap I have tried made my

      oldest daughter go straight into MASSIVE hives. I tried Arm & Hammer

      free or whatever their gentle one was, and daughter looked like she

      had measles.

      I know homemeade should be gentler, but after all the trial and error

      to just find one that did not cause bad reactions, I have stuck with

      it for the last 5 years.

      I also can not wash our clothes in one thing and hers in another,

      because just that tiny bit left in the washer still effects her.

      Wondering if there is something that can make the soaps rinse

      cleaner? We are looking at getting a better washing machine, anyone

      know if that would really make a big difference?

      If it does, I might start having her wash her own clothes seperately

      from all the rest of the families, and get us some cheapo detergent

      and buy her Tide.


      — In, Maria Jewlz



      > Has anyone done a cost comparison of homemade detergent versus

      store bought?


      > I can usually buy 128 oz. laundry detergent (we prefer liquid)

      for $1.99 on sale.


      > A bar of fels naptha is around $1.25. Then, there’s washing

      soda, vinegar, etc.


      > Has anyone done the math to see if it’s really a bargain? I’ve

      never made it, so I just want to know if I’m really going to save

      money. I figured someone has already been through this





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