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      I’ve made the homemade, and I really like it, especially if the water

      is soft. I hear that, over the long run, hard water users may have a

      bit of dinge in their whites, but I would assume these users get a

      bottle of A&H liquid for their whites and use the homemade for the

      rest. The homemade is incredibly cheap. I use a food processor to

      chop up my soap, and do the rest of the work while cooking, etc. in the

      kitchen. Therefore, it’s actually the cheaper and faster option,

      because I don’t have to shop for the ingredients (they are staples,

      here at the house, anyway). Another way that I save is to look for

      recipies and alternatives for other cleaners. This is cheaper and

      healthier. Most household cleaners may be replaced with bleach, soda,

      vinegar, ammonia, and dish soap, in some combination. Some folks use

      salt, too. Have fun! Remember not to mix ammonia and bleach, though.

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