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      This post brought back memories. When my daughter was young she had to

      do a school project. It was on comparing liquid laundry detergent. She

      took white sample cloths and put dye on one, grease, lipstick etc and

      let them sit for 2 hours before washing. Everything had to be the same

      sit times and water temp etc. Then she would do the next cloth and

      start the process again. Well she compared the famous well known

      brands and then the cheap ones. The Arm & Hammer liquid won without a

      doubt. The teachers were impressed. You all should do a test like

      that. Don’t pay extra just because of the commercial.



      – In, Kelly Weyd wrote:


      > I can usually get my liquid on sale, and with a coupon for a

      reasonable price…….liquid Arm & Hammer. I have a high efficiency

      washer and only use around 2 tsp. or a bit more per load. A big

      bottle of liquid detergent (200 oz.) usually lasts me 6 months or

      longer. So I would really interested to know too.

      > Kelly


      > Maria Jewlz wrote:

      > Has anyone done a cost comparison of homemade detergent

      versus store bought?


      > I can usually buy 128 oz. laundry detergent (we prefer liquid) for

      $1.99 on sale.


      > A bar of fels naptha is around $1.25. Then, there’s washing soda,

      vinegar, etc.


      > Has anyone done the math to see if it’s really a bargain? I’ve

      never made it, so I just want to know if I’m really going to save

      money. I figured someone has already been through this




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