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      I’m so excited to try my new detergent! This is what it cost me – less than .02 cents per 1/2 cup (that’s .02 per load!) There’s no way I can buy laundry soap for that amount, even with coupons! I usually pay 2.74 for a 32 load bottle.

      .25 per 1/2 cup Washing Soda .42 per 1/2 cup Borax I make homemade soap, and have tons of it laying around for years (the end pieces that I won’t give away, a misshaped one, etc) So I didn’t have to pay for soap. I did addsome lavender, orange and grapefruit essential oils for a great smell. I’m thinking that if I like the results from the detergent, I’ll make up a batch solely for whites, and add blueing to it.

      I hope it works!

      armstrca wrote:

      I just use an box from used up detergent. It is a small box. My commercial detergent box is also small.

      They are on top of each other in my laundry area at my house.

      I fill the home-made stuff with alternate scoops of the borax and washing soda, until it is full enough. Then 2/3 of the mix and fill the rest of the scoop with the commercail stuff.

      It is easy, and not as time consuming as making the liquid mix, or the dry mix where you have to add the shavings of the soap.
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      I like the idea of mixing the two!!!!!


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