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      I would call a junk yard. My husband had a sports car a few years ago and someone smashed his window. When calling around for a new window the prices were $450 to $700 which we could not afford. My husband decided to call the junk yard and was able to purchase the window for only $50. He fixed it himself. Becky

      Elizabeth Farnsworth <> wrote:

      Omygosh my daughter’s car was parked in the driveway as usual…..husband was mowing and trimming and not sure which one noticed that the small back side window was shattered. We think it might have been a rock from the yard work but we don’t know for sure. Husband offered of coarse to pay for it. I called two places so far $395.00 & just over $400.00 for one tiny window! I had her call her insurance and see if she’d get a ding
      if she claimed it…you know how rates go up when you make a claim. Well her husband made their deductible $1000.00 so can’t do that.
      I’m sure if we claimed it on our homeowners it would make that go up to. Any suggestions for cheaper window replacement? The one place I called said they offered new or used windows but he didn’t offer that option to me….maybe the car an 06 is too new….. Any ideas?

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