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      CORNUCOPIA – makes a Beautiful “Edible” Thanksgiving Centerpiece

      3 tube cans/ or (11 oz. each) of refrigerated soft-breadstick dough
      Glaze: 1 egg beaten w/ 1 T. water
      3 T. sesame seeds
      Assorted raw veggies and dips (or) fruit and nuts

      1.) heat the oven to 350, and liberally coat a baking sheet (17 x 14” at least) with nonstick spray
      2.) To make form: tear off 30 x 18” sheet of heavy duty foil. Fold in half to make an 18 x 15”, Roll diagonally to form a hollow cone about an 18”long w/ diameter of 5 to 6” at the wide ends w/ some tape. Stuff the cone with crumbled regular (cheep) foil until it fills to the top of it. Bend the tail of the cone up then down at the ends. Spray the out sides of it w/ nonstick spray.
      3.) Open and unroll a can of dough, wrapping pieces around foil mold. Pinch ends together as you go.
      4.) Brush with egg wash and sprinkle with sesame seeds.
      5.) Bake until golden brown.
      6.) Allow to cool completely and then remove foil from inside and fill with assorted fresh fruits, etc.

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