Cork Reindeer

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      Cork Reindeer

      What you need:

      5 Large wine corks
      Glue/ Glue gun
      Brown Pipe Cleaner
      Small black pom pom
      Black marker
      Christmas Ribbon
      Red or green Wool
      You will need 5 corks (large wine ones are best). Glue two end to end for the body. Glue a third on its side to one side of the body for the head. Glue one each under body for the legs (it will appear to have only two legs). – let dry.

      Using a pointed object poke two holes in top of head. Insert two brown pipe cleaners (cut small) for antlers.

      Cut a piece of Christmas Ribbon to make the saddle. Glue on body.

      Draw eyes with marker, or buy “google eyes” and glue on. Draw on nose, or use tiny pom-pom.

      Glue on piece of red or green wool from head to body on each side, to look like reigns.

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