Copycat McRib Sandwich

Budget Menu & Dirt Cheap Recipes Cooking for Two Copycat McRib Sandwich


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      Copycat McRib Sandwich
      For The Ribs:
      1 tbs smoked paprika
      1 tbs salt
      1 tbs cumin
      1 tbs white pepper
      4 tbs light brown sugar
      2 tbs chili powder
      2 tbs ground coffee
      1 cup barbecue sauce
      2 rack of ribs, membrane removed
      1/2 cup yellow mustard
      2 cups water
      1 cup apple cider vinegar
      For Each Sandwich:
      2 Cobblestone Bread Co.™ Spud Dog Bun
      2/3 cup pulled rib meat (from above)
      2-4 tbs barbecue sauce
      2 dill pickle spears
      2 tbs chopped white onion
      -for the ribs-
      in a small bowl, combine smoked paprika, salt, cumin, white pepper, light brown sugar, chili powder and ground coffee and set aside.
      remove the membrane from the ribs with a sharp knife, massage mustard onto meat and add the seasoning blend.

      wrap tightly and place in refrigerator for at least 6 hours to marinate.
      Prepare the grill with soaked wood chips, charcoal, and light the charcoal. Mix the water and vinegar in a sprayer bottle to spray as needed. Place the ribs on the grill.

      Control the heat with the sprayer.
      Let the ribs cook for about 4 hours then brush them with the bbq sauce, distributed evenly between the two sides, and crank up the heat to cook the sauce for a few minutes. Remove from heat, tent with tinfoil, and let the ribs rest for 30 minutes.
      -for the sandwiches-
      remove the rib meat from a few ribs, about 2/3 a cup or more, and toss with remaining barbecue sauce. Add the pulled meat to the Cobblestone Bread Co.™ Spud Dog Buns and top with chopped white onion and a dill pickle spear.

      Makes 2 sandwiches
      Note: This is not my recipe, but got it from a friend that tries to duplicate favorite sandwiches (that’s her thing!) from various restaurants;-D She made it for us for a weekend lunch and even though I’ve never had a McRib, I applauded her creationgiggle smiley I enjoyed it so much, that I put it on the menu for dinner on Friday! Also, note that she said that the bun used is key, hence noting the ™.

      She tried other brands, but this is the one! LOL! Enjoy!

      Oh, yeah, she did say that I could share with Ya’ll.
      showered with love

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Budget Menu & Dirt Cheap Recipes Cooking for Two Copycat McRib Sandwich