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      What does 1&#189 mean? I don’t understand things like
      1½teaspoon pepper
      1½teaspoon paprika
      I understand teaspoon of pepper or paprika etc, it’s the 1&#189 that is throwing me off.


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      kfc chicken

      6 cups Crisco cooking oil
      1 egg beaten
      2 cups milk
      2 cups all-purpose flour
      4 tablespoons of salt
      2 teaspoons black pepper
      3 tablespoons spice mixture (recipe follows)
      2 frying chickens with skin, each cut into 8 pieces

      Pour the oil into pressure cooker and heat over medium heat to about 400º.
      In a small bowl combine the egg and milk.
      In a separate bowl, combine the remaining dry ingredients.
      Dip chicken pieces in the egg and milk mixture. Roll the moistened
      chicken in the flour mixture until completely coated.
      In groups of 4 or 5 pieces, drop the coated chicken pieces into the
      oil and lock the lid in place.
      When steam begins shooting through the pressure release, set the timer
      for 10 minutes.
      After 10 minutes, release the pressure according to the manufacturer’s
      instructions and remove the chicken to paper towels or metal rack to
      drain. Repeat with remaining chicken.

      note: you may not have a pressure cooker, but this recipe is good
      frying in the standard way. just adjust your timing until chicken is
      done. but, if you have a pressure cooker, please use it….it’s great!

      spice mixture:
      this spice mixture can be made and kept in a tightly sealed jar and
      used to flavor soup, sprinkle on roasting chicken, for stuffing, etc.
      the choice is yours.
      1 tablespoon celery salt
      1 tablespoon onion salt
      1 tablespoon poultry seasoning
      1 tablespoon seasoned salt
      2 tablespoons baking powder
      1½ teaspoons pepper
      1½ teaspoons paprika
      1½ teaspoons ground ginger
      ½ teaspoon thyme
      2 teaspoons sweet basil
      1 teaspoon oregano
      1 tablespoon garlic salt
      2 tablespoons dry mustard

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