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      Balsamic-marinated flank steak, boiled potatoes, corn on the cob

      Butterflied short ribs with Korean marinade, and veggie stir fry

      Greek beef and veggie skewers with cucumber-yogurt sauce, and pasta

      Sirloin with sweet bourbon sauce, baked potato, and creamed corn

      Smoky chili burger and carrot sticks

      Steak enchilada wrap and refried beans

      Asian pasta salad with wood-smoked salmon (from last week):101:

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      In a beefy kind of mood, are we?:great:

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      The Korean marinade? Do you make it yourself or buy it? I’ve never made that, but I love Korean BBQ, so I bet I’d like it.

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      hey gal! I’m actually ‘recycling’ most of the same meat;-) get the most for the buck, ya know! LOL!

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      here’s my recipe…
      1/2 cup soy sauce
      3 tbs packed dark brown sugar
      2 tbs finely chopped green onion, white part only
      2 tbs lime juice or rice vinegar (whichever you have on hand)
      1 tbs dark sesame oil
      1 tbs molasses
      1 tbs minced garlic
      2 tsp minced ginger
      Mix well and use on just about anything!

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      Thanks for this recipe I think I will try it on some chicken & then maybe get handsome to grill it !!!

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