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      I’ve found that once the boys headed off to college it took me ages to STOP cooking for an entire family. Granted, sometimes they actually come home for meals (& bring friends) and sometimes they txt and ask what’s for dinner, but don’t tell me if they’re coming or not, lol.

      I’ve actually gotten into the habit of just making regular family sized meals if I’m preparing casserole style dishes. Then I divide them into 1/3rds in foil pans (I bought a case on Amazon). Then freeze them. They fit perfect inside a gallon freezer bag, or you could vacuum seal them as well.

      That way I have 2 complete meals that I can pop into the oven any day of the week and then have a full hour to do whatever I need to do, run errands, clean the house, work, garden or read, rather than spending time in the kitchen preparing meals. Usually, a fresh veggie served on the side is more than sufficient to complete the meal.

      This has really cut down on us wasting food or getting super tired of leftovers. Who wants to eat shepherds pie for a week, lol?!

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      Like you, I still cook for at least four people, but portion the leftovers to the freezer if it’s not something that I can channel into a different meal;-D

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Budget Menu & Dirt Cheap Recipes Cooking for Two Cooking for 2 Challenges