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      Have any of you ever made cornbread with stuff added besides what the recipe

      called for?

      I’ve added the obvious things like grated cheese and/or canned chopped green

      chilies — and its turned out wonderful. Last week I added a can of corn

      (drained) and some chopped green onions — again with good results.

      Right now I’m using up a box of “white” cornmeal. I happen to of added some

      flour that was half whole wheat and half regular — cuz I mixed it while

      trying to eliminate extra containers on my counter. So the cornbread looks

      NOT yellow, but more beigey. Is beigey even a word? It has no effect on

      the taste that I noticed.

      So anyways, tonight I thought I’d try something different. Chopped an

      onion, added some garlic and a little oil to a pan. Then added some

      bitesize ham chunks that were frozen solid in a larger chunk. After the ham

      had thawed, the onions were partially cooked. I mixed in a bag of frozen

      corn, partially thawed from sitting on the counter for a few minutes. Then

      turned off the burner.

      Meanwhile, back at the ranch………. I mixed a double batch of the

      cornbread as directed on the box. Also added a tablespoon or two of dry


      I divided the meat/onion/corn mixture from above in half, into two different

      9″ by 13″ baking pans. Poured half of the cornbread batter into each pan on

      top of the meat/onion/corn mixture. Both pans are now in the oven baking.

      Didn’t intend to have two pans full when starting this experiment. However,

      it could be considered a complete meal since it has meat, veggie, and bread

      all in one. Or even if not, it will be for me!! Obviously this will last

      me 3-4 days. Gotta break out a few of my flat plastic containers with lids

      to store the leftovers in.

      So anyone want to know how it actually tastes when finished? How it looks?

      If it was edible at all?

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