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      Hi Ladies (and gentlemen, too!)

      I had to chime in on the container gardening issue. We live in an area where
      there is nothing but red clay mud to plant in, and I have been so frustrated
      year after year when the things I planted in the clay did not do well. I read a
      book called Lasagna Gardening, which works on the principle of raised beds or
      gardening in containers.

      You basically build layers… no tilling needed. I
      have built three beds so far with one more to do, and have about a dozen
      containers I am building up.

      This is the system, in a nutshell.

      If you don’t want to build a framed bed, simply select an area of your yard or
      garden area. Lay down sheets of wet newspaper, 2-4 sheets thick… this keeps
      any weeds that were already started from coming thru, yet it is biodegradable
      and will break down slowly over the next few months.

      Then just start layering.
      A layer of potting soil, a layer of peat moss, a layer of compost… potting
      soil, peat moss, compost… then potting soil and top with peat moss.

      can be 2-3 inches thick but need to be at least an inch thick. This is rich in
      organic material and should work for anything you want to grow. She recommends
      mulching after your plants go in.

      Also these beds will condense down from about
      18 inches deep when you start to about 12 inches deep as the material breaks
      down a bit.

      You can do the same thing in a container — just make sure there is adequate

      This year, between my beds and containers, we will have a variety of flowers, as
      well as lettuce, chives, tomatoes, green peppers, zucchini, yellow squash,
      parsley… and perhaps green beans, if I can figure out a way for them to climb
      adequately from containers.

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