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      For the very first time I started my own garden, it’s a container garden. I planted a cherry tomato, a big boy tomato, a strawberry plant, a cucumber plant and a chive plant. They all seem to be doing well, but since this is my first time I’m not sure they are doing as well as they should.

      The cucumber plant has 1 flower, and one of the tomato plants has 2 flowers. I was told I have to pinch off the suckers. The problem is I don’t know what suckers are.

      Can anyone here fill me in?

      Mama Bear

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      Suckers are new growths in the “crease” or “v” on the plant. Make a peace sign with your fingers. Imagine a growth in between your two fingers at the base (where your fingers meet your hand).

      That is where the sucker grows. It is called a sucker because it takes a lot of the plants energy and makes another stalk instead of fruit. As far as cucumbers, they take a while but are worth it.

      Put a tomato cage in for them and they will produce 2-3 times the cucumbers!

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      Thank You! Do I start getting rid of the suckers now? The plants are about a month old.

      My husband plants a garden, but he never does that, or cages. This is my own garden and I want to do well. My husband does not plant cucumbers, I love them!

      Great to know I can increase my yield by having a cage for the plant.

      Thanks again for your help,
      Mama Bear

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      You don’t pick the very first ones, but after that, yes. Glad to help!busy bee

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