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      Does anyone know what the diffrence is between “resource class”

      and “structured learning class”.I always thought that my son was in a

      resource class room until I went to the open house this past week for

      the 5th grade. The room well you can practically live in it,it has

      bean bags,a fridge,a stove,a television set,and the class its own

      bathrooms as well! I thought wow,my son doesn’t need to be this

      confined! Then i saw some of the kids thats going to be with my

      son,and they seems more severe then my son in his disablities. I

      asked the teacher what the diffrence was and she said basically they

      are both the same thing. I don’t know how I feel about my son being

      in this class as I don’t want his self esteem to be damaged because

      he thinks something is wrong with him nor do I think he is capeable

      of being totally “mainsteamed” into regular 5th grade classes,which

      brings me on to another point,he will be going to some regular classes

      (such as art,music,and heath) I also went to visit these clases and

      none of the teachers were aware that my son was going to be in their

      classes and that he was in a “Structured Learning Class”,How do they

      manage this?Do they just put a child who doesn’t know any diffrent

      then “resource class” and let him fend for his self until he shuts

      down or misbeaves? My son has trouble with loud noised and

      transitions and I don’t know if he can keep up with a regular

      class,most kids go in and take a seat and follow what the teacher

      tells them to do,weather it is to read a chapter and answer the

      questions at the end,or read out loud,or copy notes,I don’t think my

      son can do this alone,his reading is at a 3/4th grade level,he

      doesn’t understand what he is being told all the time and i know if

      he feels its too much or pressured,he will shut down or misbehave. I

      know is heath theyt will require alot of note taking and reading. I

      feel like they are setting him up to fail on his own. I don’t know I

      just figure they should help him out if he is going to be in

      a ‘mainstream class’or atleast let the teachers know so they can help

      him out in some way.What do you all think?

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