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      I think a lot of things. First of all you as his mother is the chief of the individual educational plan or iep. you have a major voice in it.

      you should know all the answers you don’t know. you also have the right to reconvene the iep meeting to tweak the program if you are not happy with it.

      Secondly….. you need to get an independent diagnosis of what is wrong with you child.

      take him somewhere and get him tested independently from the school. if you can’t afford it, and you request it, the school must pay for it, but they will squeal like stuck pigs….. so you are best off to do it yourself.

      speech and language testing for expressive and receptive language and comprehension skills are a must to enter into the iep with. sounds like shades of autism you are dealing with … with the hearing sensitivity and the problems with transitions.

      Thirdly, if your child is autistic or in the autism spectrum it is imperative that he is with well mannered kids because he will mimic what he sees, and hears.

      You must get some help here.

      As for what they call the rooms, you need to find out from the school as they can name them what they want I think.

      You have three things to do….

      get it into your head that you are the boss of your kid….get him tested independently and find out what and who and what kind of disabilities are going to be with him in whatever room he is in.

      The laws are all stating that he must be in the least restrictive environment so .. that is something for you to remember… I hope this helps..dash

      Does anyone know what the diffrence is between “resource class”
      and “structured learning class”.

      how I feel about my son being
      in this class as I don’t want his self esteem to be damaged because
      he thinks something is wrong with him nor do I think he is capeable
      of being totally “mainsteamed” into regular 5th grade classes,which
      brings me on to another point,he will be going to some regular classes
      (such as art,music,and heath)

      I also went to visit these clases and
      none of the teachers were aware that my son was going to be in their
      classes and that he was in a “Structured Learning Class”,How do they
      manage this?Do they just put a child who doesn’t know any diffrent
      then “resource class” and let him fend for his self until he shuts
      down or misbeaves?

      My son has trouble with loud noised and
      transitions and

      I don’t know if he can keep up with a regular
      class,most kids go in and take a seat and follow what the teacher
      tells them to do,weather it is to read a chapter and answer the
      questions at the end,or read out loud,or copy notes,I don’t think my
      son can do this alone,his reading is at a 3/4th grade level,he
      doesn’t understand what he is being told all the time and i know if
      he feels its too much or pressured,he will shut down or misbehave. I
      know is heath theyt will require alot of note taking and reading. I
      feel like they are setting him up to fail on his own
      . I don’t know I
      just figure they should help him out if he is going to be in
      a ‘mainstream class’or atleast let the teachers know so they can help
      him out in some way.What do you all think?

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