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      I agree but where do I find a good advocate that is free?

      dash wrote: Under the “IDEA” law, formerly 94172 I believe there are provisions especially for the Autism spectrum. Your son needs specialist training and care. I know what you have been through. We moved away, sold our new home,
      lost money on lawyers and got our kid away from a school that locked him in a closet.

      A nightmare…. I sued… long story…

      but I have never ever been a moment sorry we did that….as we had another child to raise and I had to get away from that school system…. I was like raw hamburger meat…. whenever I got another call from the school or a letter I would shake…

      I had to get away… and get my son away… The iep is to be written and there is no excuse like not enough staff to fulfill the needs of the child or not enough money…..that is the school’s problem to figure out how to give your child an appropriate education……and the team must decide the placement.

      you are part of that team. You need to be more involved and know the answers to the questions you ask. First of all, you don’t give any blanket sharing to the doctors from the school.

      you want an independent evaluation, so you tell them nothing aboutwhat the school says. you don’t sign blanket releases and you don’t give permission for anyone to talk to one another without complete disclosure to yourself in writing. you are the chief.

      none of them have as much invested in your child as you can limit all correspondence and demand to sign a new release for each and every correspondence and do not ever let it open ended. you have all the rights under the law, if only you know them.
      You need a decent advocate that knows what she/he is doing… dash


      I do appreciate the help! If you only knew what I have been through with the schools and the doctors for that matter.He was DXED at the age of 5 by the school with adhd.trying to get a doctor to do any thing without a schools follow up is almost impossible! i have gone to a developmental center in hopes that they would listen and
      see what i saw but all most of the doctors here do is look at what tesing the school has done and agree with them!

      my son is dxed with being disabled due to kidney damage(he has to use catherthers every 4 hours) also I was told he has mild adhd with autistic tendencies,he is not medicated,he also has learning disablities,he was taking speech and ot in 4th grade but no one has meationed him having it in 5th and is also developly delayed. While my son was in 4th grade, I wanted to transfer him to another school and the principal there told me they didn’t have the staff for my son to go to that school and he called the head of the special ed and asked if he was suitable for the self contained class,and the head told him that she didnt think my son was that severe to be in that type of class. So he couldn’t go to that school,I was under the impression that he was in resource classroom all this time and was going to regular classes in both 4th and 5th grade,I
      don’t think he should be in the SLC room but I don’t think he should be fully mainstreamed either.

      I just don’t know if there is anyother options of classes he can go into. I have contacted Lynley Summers as my advocate,but nothing was changed 4except the cars test was given to him and what gets me about the test is that the school part he didn’t show any Autistic tendinces but at home he scored high! I do see alot of adhd and i agree witht he developmenatl center that he does have autistic tendencies,but i don’t agree with the placement,for i think it can hinder him instead of bringing out the best in him,to this day i still have not found out what he is good at or in.

      i don’t want him to slip though the cracks,but i have no idea if there is anyone who cares enough to listen to me and help me do something about it.


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