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      Hi, as a general rule they are. Depending upon if you get the state funded ones… and most of the time they are.

      Some of them charge. That is something you need to find out about up front. Each state has to provide them to fulfill the laws and there is grant money for that and these you don’t have to pay.

      I don’t know how all the states work, but call your state capital and ask about them or call your State educational department.

      I am tired tonight, but perhaps I will be able to do something on my end to find out about them in other states… dash

      Subject: Re: : CONFUDDLED

      are advocates free? I live in Arkansas

      dash <> wrote:

      I used to be one of these advocates. The law states that he must be in the least restricting environment. period.

      so you need to talk to someone, and get yourself an advocate.. each state must have them. if you can’t find one, let me know and i can get in touch with our state in wisconsin and get a referral i think.

      also……you have a right to understand his iep….. totally understand what and why and where etc.. dash

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