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      I don’t think you’re wrong in feelingthis way.At 18 months, your daughter will be happy with anything new.Why waste the money on plastic grass that will go into the garbage anyway? My thought would be to return the basket ,the stickers, the grass & the bubbles. The toothbrush & sunglasses are necessary items unless she already has some.Depending what you paid for the watering can, maybe you can just substitute a small juice pitcher.

      Kids love to play with household stuff.Why not justgive her an Easter book and maybe a small stuffed bunny or chick? Kids have too many store bought things and when you give so much at a young age it just escalates into a lot more stuff expected as they get older. She’s not going to miss what she doesn’t know about.
      This is just my opinion as a grandmother.


      Original Message

      From: pseuzanne
      Date: 03/11/07 17:46:18
      Subject: : Conflicted about Easter basket

      I feel silly even writing about this, but I figure if there’s
      somewhere I can admit to these feelings, it would be here…

      Today I went to Target with a friend to help her choose items for
      her sons’ Easter baskets. I told her I wasn’t planning to get my
      daughter (18 months old) an Easter basket. She is too young to know
      she’s missing anything, and besides she will get one at her Daddy’s

      But my friend still thought I should get her a basket, that
      it would be fun. This friend has alot more money than I do…her
      family is planning a trip to the Caribbean, where they will be
      sharing a $6,000/week villa by the ocean with another family. She
      understands that I am in a very different position, but…

      I wound up spending $33, to get:
      – plush ducky “basket”
      – plastic grass
      – stickers
      – fun toothbrush
      – sunglasses
      – a book
      – bubbles
      – watering can (for the tub and the beach)

      My daughter will love all of these things, and it is so hard to
      resist things that you know your child will enjoy. i am normally so
      frugal, part of me thinks i should keep the stuff and be ok with it.
      otherwise, i should return the stuff and be ok with not giving it to
      her. i don’t really feel great about either one.

      does anyone else
      beat themselves up with feelings of guilt when buying something,
      especially for your kids? what if it’s a rare treat? no bills will
      go unpaid due to this expenditure.

      any thoughts?


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