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      Never feel pressured! My granddaughter who is 9 months

      and my grandson who is 2 yrs will get lil easter

      “bags” these are paperbags I have have saved and

      decorated filled with things from the dollar store.

      example: bubbles,sunglasses, stuffed animal, color

      books etc. these were just a few dollars, with things

      age appropriate and I was able to be budget friendly

      and give them a little something. they do not fully

      understand the process and have more fun decorating

      the eggs and looking for them, I also included little

      plastic eggs with pennies,dimes and nickels(i saved by

      buying the cheaper things as they do break quickly at

      this age) and then there is the SPECIAL egg with a

      dollar in it. I have set up savings accounts for my

      grandkids and money like this goes in a little piggy

      and when it gets full of to the bank it goes! hope

      this helps!

      — pseuzanne <> wrote:

      > I feel silly even writing about this, but I figure

      > if there’s

      > somewhere I can admit to these feelings, it would be

      > here…


      > Today I went to Target with a friend to help her

      > choose items for

      > her sons’ Easter baskets. I told her I wasn’t

      > planning to get my

      > daughter (18 months old) an Easter basket. She is

      > too young to know

      > she’s missing anything, and besides she will get one

      > at her Daddy’s

      > house. But my friend still thought I should get her

      > a basket, that

      > it would be fun. This friend has alot more money

      > than I do…her

      > family is planning a trip to the Caribbean, where

      > they will be

      > sharing a $6,000/week villa by the ocean with

      > another family. She

      > understands that I am in a very different position,

      > but…


      > I wound up spending $33, to get:

      > – plush ducky “basket”

      > – plastic grass

      > – stickers

      > – fun toothbrush

      > – sunglasses

      > – a book

      > – bubbles

      > – watering can (for the tub and the beach)


      > My daughter will love all of these things, and it is

      > so hard to

      > resist things that you know your child will enjoy. i

      > am normally so

      > frugal, part of me thinks i should keep the stuff

      > and be ok with it.

      > otherwise, i should return the stuff and be ok with

      > not giving it to

      > her. i don’t really feel great about either one.

      > does anyone else

      > beat themselves up with feelings of guilt when

      > buying something,

      > especially for your kids? what if it’s a rare treat?

      > no bills will

      > go unpaid due to this expenditure. any thoughts?


      > suzanne



      ” i am a young woman, trapped in middle age, with an old soul” willow



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Budget101 Discussion List Archives Budget101 Discussion List Conflicted about Easter basket