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      WOW! $33 for those few items! I would take itALL back and then head to a “dollar” store, such as Dollar Tree or Family Dollar. Spend a few dollars and get your daughter a few things she will enjoy.They can be Easter themed or not. At her age, Easter means nothing to her. Right after Easter is not too early to plan for next year. Start looking for sales on Easter merchandise. Family Dollar sells off their Easter stuff at 75% to as much as 90% off— and many other stores discount their Easter merchandise also after Easter. Baskets, “grass”, stuffed toys, stickers, and decorations, etc. etc. etc. Enjoy buying an assortment of items at a fraction of the regular cost. Then box it up, label the box and put it away. Next year you’ll be all set, and all you’ll need to do is buy or makea little bit of candy or some baked goods
      to add to it. I found so much stuff on sale last year at 90% off — I spent about $20!!!!!. But I got enough stuff that I will be able to give for several years.Baskets and buckets and toys, Easter coloring books, and puzzles, and those plastic eggs youfill yourself…..and also nice decorations (mini flags, windsocks and ceramic eggs, bunnies, etc.,and even egg-shaped candles!) This year I am making uplittle baskets for my adult daughter and for my little grandson and my two adult sons. I am also making baskets this year for my son’s “lady friend” and her 5 year old son, and my “secret sister” at church. Instead of “Easter” baskets for adults, I use unusual baskets I find at yard sales, etc. For my sons’ baskets, I put in “masculine” items I have bought and stashed throughout the year.Sometimes instead of a basket for
      the guys, I fill a gift bag, or other container that they can use later. They love the sweets, but also like bags of trail mix and peanuts in their baskets. The Dollar Tree sells packs of little “match-box” type cars, about 6 or so to a pack. These fit perfectly into the plastic eggs. They also sell little bottles of bubbles for weddings, 6 to 8 in a package for $1.oo. They are plain, but youcan put a little Easter sticker on these, and they also fit nicely into a plastic egg. I make my own candy. My sister and I went to a FREE class at a cake and candy supply store more than 30 years ago. I bought a few molds then and so did she, and we shared them. I’ve bought a few more molds over the years, but still have and use the first ones I bought. I also make sugar cookies (cut-outs) in egg shapes or bunny shapes or
      cupcakes or brownies iced and decorated with pastel “sprinkles”, etc. By using the baked goods, a little candy goes a long way. Also, I think the cookies are better for the very young children because they aren’t as sweet as a hunk of chocolate. Use your imagination, and you can save a lot of money and have something nice and pretty to give. I watch for clearance sales for all “seasonal” merchandise and keep a “stash” that I can use for every holiday. Enjoy! HTH ~ Peggy

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Budget101 Discussion List Archives Budget101 Discussion List Conflicted about Easter basket