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      If you wanted to make the purchases, and it isn’t going to strain

      your budget, then you shouldn’t feel bad. Everyone needs to splurge

      sometimes, or it gets to feeling like you can’t ever do anything fun

      with the money you earn.

      For our kids, I skip the traditional easter baskets that can cost a

      bundle, and buy buckets for the beach, or new baseball caps (turned

      upside down to put stuff in), or a nice basket they can use year

      round in their rooms, etc. I skip the Easter-y looking ones all

      together. I want something they’ll get use out of.

      Then, I hit the dollar store for some cheap filler items (but still

      nice) like sidewalk chalk, jump ropes, bubbles, etc.

      I skip candy almost completly, and buy snacks they like that are

      healthier for them, like cheese & cracker sandwiches, or granola

      bars, etc. They each do get a small chocolate bunny, but I go for

      the smaller hollow ones that Dollar Tree sells. Not much candy

      involved, and they’re cheap.

      This year, I think one thing I’ll do is get them each a new shirt

      for summer to put in the basket, as well as the other fun stuff.

      It’s not much, but the kids enjoy it.

      I also put together an easter egg hunt. I’ve been in charge of the

      main family one for 13 or 14 years now. I started doing it when I

      was in HS for my Grandma. A few years ago, I found that Target has

      big bundles of small objects for Valentines Day for $1.99 a bag-

      bouncy balls, those wide rubber bracelets, erasers, rubbery

      dinosaurs, little troll pencil toppers, etc. I go in the day after

      Valentines Day and grab several bags at $.99 each. Then, I can use

      those to fill the eggs up, without spending a fortune. This year, we

      have 6 kids to do an egg hunt for. Next year, it will be 7, because

      my newest neice is going to be almost 1 by then. She isn’t born yet,

      my sister is due at the end of April.

      Anyway, hope that gives some people some idea’s!

      — In, “pseuzanne” wrote:


      > I feel silly even writing about this, but I figure if there’s

      > somewhere I can admit to these feelings, it would be here…


      > Today I went to Target with a friend to help her choose items for

      > her sons’ Easter baskets. I told her I wasn’t planning to get my

      > daughter (18 months old) an Easter basket. She is too young to


      > she’s missing anything, and besides she will get one at her


      > house. But my friend still thought I should get her a basket, that

      > it would be fun. This friend has alot more money than I do…her

      > family is planning a trip to the Caribbean, where they will be

      > sharing a $6,000/week villa by the ocean with another family. She

      > understands that I am in a very different position, but…


      > I wound up spending $33, to get:

      > – plush ducky “basket”

      > – plastic grass

      > – stickers

      > – fun toothbrush

      > – sunglasses

      > – a book

      > – bubbles

      > – watering can (for the tub and the beach)


      > My daughter will love all of these things, and it is SO hard to

      > resist things that you know your child will enjoy. I am normally


      > frugal, part of me thinks I should keep the stuff and be OK with


      > Otherwise, I should return the stuff and be OK with not giving it


      > her. I don’t really feel great about either one. Does anyone else

      > beat themselves up with feelings of guilt when buying something,

      > especially for your kids? What if it’s a rare treat? No bills will

      > go unpaid due to this expenditure. Any thoughts?


      > Suzanne


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