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      I recently had my laptop computer in the “shop” for over 6 weeks. They couldn’t find out why it would turn on, start up, and then shut off. Eventually they found a large “dust bunny” blocking the cooling fan.

      This is why it was shutting down – it was protecting itself from getting overheated, since the cooling fan couldn’t vent out the heat with the fan blocked by the “dust bunny”.
      When I finally got it home (sans “dust bunny”), I decided to tape pieces of cheese cloth over all the openings on the computer not used in connecting/start-up. This will prevent most dust from getting in the works. I just check for build-up, and clean if from the cheese cloth.
      One less future repair (I hope).

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      Oh my gosh! I have been having the very same problem with my laptop and thought for sure I would need a new battery. I asked a friend who is more competent at poking around a computer to check the cooling fan and, there it was-a dust bunny!

      Thank you so much. You saved me a bundle of money! multistars smilie

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