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      At 12:39 AM 6/20/2008, you wrote:

      >— In, “sharie lush” wrote:

      >Hi!Do ya’ll like Window/vista I have spyware and now with this new

      >update it is telling me that my spyware is not compataible. What do

      >you all think

      I have Vista. I have my preference of a different

      spyware/virus/hacker protection than what comes with Vista. I just

      uninstalled Norton once it expired,

      turned off the protection with Vista, and installed my preferred

      protection. This is something I did purchase, and I have really

      preferred it for my computers. I get Vista’s warnings that XXXXXXX

      is turned off, do you want to start it now? and I click “no”. This

      happens every time I start the computer, and it’s not a hassle in my

      opinion. So, just turn off the stuff that Vista does and the

      compatible problem should be solved.

      To do this, go to control panel, then security center. Turn off what

      you don’t need since you are having problems.

      Ann in Arkansas

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