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      — In, “Liss” wrote:


      > I wonder if any of you computer savy members can help me out on an

      > issue….


      > I’m using IE 7 browser, I leave my puter on 24, 7, 365 – with

      restarts only

      > long enough to update. My browser, if idle for more than a 2 hours,


      > suddenly block graphics.


      > I have to click on internet options, advanced, scroll down to


      > and then click “show Pictures”. Click apply and then okay and it

      will work

      > fine for a couple of hours. As soon as the browser becomes idle, it


      > reset itself.


      > It does it whether the firewall is turned on or off, whether the


      > is turned on or off, whether BOTH the Antivirus AND the Firewall

      are Both

      > off, it still does it.


      > If I change the settings to show photos and then I restart the

      computer to

      > save the settings, it STILL does it.


      > I just don’t get why! we have 3 different computers running in this

      > household and 2 (both running Windows XP Professional)out of 3 do

      this. The

      > system running Vista does not.


      > I have tried FireFox and I absolutely hate it, it distorts too

      many sites,

      > so switching is not an option. Any ideas how to fix this issue?


      > ~Liss


      Sounds like you have a virus. Can you do a system restore back to

      the date that it did not do this?


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