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      Hi, everyone,

      I’m starting a garden for the first time this year and want to compost, too. What exactly can you add to your compost? Is there anything you can’t add? I’ve tried looking it up and it only gives me vague things.

      Thank you all so much for your help in advance:D

      Mom to Angela (5), Dwight (3 1/2) and Keith (6 weeks)

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      I would check with your local Cooperative Extension System Office. Here is a site that might help you with a detailed answer or maybe classes in your area.
      It has the State map that you can click on for detailed information.

      Cooperative Extension System Offices

      Good luck in your search, I only do composting on a small scale..

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      What to Compost

      Animal manure (Not dog or cat)
      Branches and twigs (1/4 inch or more in diameter should be a shredded)
      Cardboard rolls and flat cardboard (shredded)
      Clean paper
      Coffee grounds and filters
      Corn stalks
      Cotton rags
      Dryer and vacuum cleaner lint
      Fireplace ashes and other wood ashes
      Fruits and vegetables
      Grass clippings
      Hair and fur
      Hay and straw
      Nut shells
      Newspaper (not glossy inserts) can be shredded or not
      Peat moss
      Pine Needles
      Stems and twigs
      Tea bags (staples removed)
      Wood chips and bark
      Wool rags
      Yard trimmings

      Leave Out
      Black walnut tree leaves or twigs–said to release substances that might be harmful to plants
      Diseased plants and chemically sprayed plants.

      Most recommend not to use meat, bones, fish, fats, or dairy in your compost pile as it could stink and might attract rodents. I have never had a problem with using them, but I am far away from my nearest neighbor so he isn’t going to complain about the smell and we have plenty of rodents around anyway.

      Put the pile as close to where it is going to be used as possible. Piles need to be turned every couple of weeks to get air in. If you live close to someone else you might want to put a wood fence around your pile, some might not like the way it looks.

      I am sure there is more, but that is all I can think of right now. Hope this helps. Thanks; Virginia

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      I just attended a confrence on this at my library. I have a packet on how to. Ill check and see if maybe the info can be found on the web site.

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