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      Everyone, I think perhaps Liss won’t mind my posting this after the
      rough week I had. I’ve been conspicuously absent from all lists for
      the most part, but this has really broken my silence now, and I’m
      leaping for joy and would like to share it with you.

      Serena Kayce Young was born today at 5:54 pm EDT, here in upstate New
      York! My third granddaughter is the youngest of two girls (older
      sister just turned 2) belonging to my oldest son, Shawn, and his wife
      Charity. She has dark curly hair and the Italian skin of my family,
      weighs 8 pounds 1 ounce (huge in contrast to the sizes of my kids at

      lol), and Shawn couldn’t remember if she was 19.25 or 19.50
      inches long! lol

      I’ll see her tomorrow morning for the first time.

      Hopefully, this new life is a signal for the springtime birth she
      holds–of all good things now. 🙂

      Forgive my getting everyone away from laundry and budgets, but I had
      to share!



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