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      [Moderator’s note: Michelle, the Budget101_ moderator and Ethnic Inexpensively
      columnist, lives in Broome County in upstate New York. Hope that clarifies
      this one. lol Welcome to Michelle #2 in upstate New York.]

      Hi, everyone! My name is Michelle(yes another one lol). I am a
      transplanted Baystster living in Upstate New York with my DH,DS,and
      DD. I’ve gotten lots of great tips from this list. I like when
      everyone chats about their good deals they get on groceries etc. I
      work retail and over the past couple of weeks I’ve gotten a few good
      deals that I’d like to share with everyone. The bakery at the store
      I work in sometimes has things that are going out of date. That day
      they mark it dowm to nothing,bring it out back and the people who
      work there can buy it for whatever price is marked on it(most of the
      time it stays on the floor and goes on a bargin rack). Any money
      collected goes to the Children’s Miracle Network. Anyway, I got 24
      mini croissants for $.50 and 10 frosted star shaped cookies for
      $.25. A couple days ago I got 2 10# bags of potatoes for $2.00 and
      10 ears of corn for $1.00!! I just wanted to share my deals and to
      say hello:)


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