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      > if you work 2 jobs to pay bills then you should be able to afford

      to live anyways I would love if I were capable working 2 jobs but i

      can’t because im disabled i only work 12 hour a week and i can afford

      to be independent




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      > any one have any help for me to pay for school i can’t get a pell

      > grant cause i work 2 jobs to pay bills

      > I would like to praise you for working two jobs and I would like to

      say maybe you should make a list of pros and cons on the things you

      spend your money on. Think about what you have to have like pay for

      your home, telephone, car repairs and insurance, internet fees, power

      bill, medications, non-food items (this can be food for a pet, toilet

      tissue, laundry soap and ect.) and gas money. On the con list is

      things you could live without like cable or satelite TV, going to the

      movies too often, dining out when you could prepare food from home

      and take it with you to work, keeping up with the latest fashions,

      buying lottery tickets, I think you get the idea. Next, start by

      eliminating what is not absolutely necessary for you to spend your

      money on. If you have already done that and you are still short then

      think about getting rid of one job and apply for the pel grant

      again. I sure hope this helps you. If you have needs that you can’t

      afford join several of the yahoo groups that give free things away or

      go through your stuff that you have at home that you could do without

      and sell it on eBay or (they will let you post your

      items for free). Stay happy and healthy and good luck.










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