colds and sinuses

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      My dh has been doing this for years… he uses an infant’s nasal

      aspirator. He sucks the salt water into the aspirator, leans over

      the sink, squeezes the salt water into his nose & lets it flow out

      his mouth, then he does the same through the other nostril.

      On Feb 24, 2007, at 10:02 AM, Julie wrote:

      > Hi,


      > I’m new here and haven’t properly introduced myself yet, but I saw

      > your post and wanted to chime in with something that my doctor

      > recommended. This is an old-fashioned remedy to sinus and allergy

      > problems in the nose. It’s gone out of style what with pills and

      > sprays and everything else.


      > The homeopathic remedy is called a netti pot which is a ceramic pot

      > that you put lukewarm water in and a salt solution.. the pot comes

      > with the salt or you can make your own. You put the salt in the pot

      > with the water, tip your head over the sink and run the salinated

      > water from one nostril to the other. It feels very strange.. kind of

      > like when you go swimming and get water in your nose. The idea is that

      > the saline water goes up into your sinuses and clears out all the

      > gunk. You switch from side to side until the pot is empty. Netti pots

      > can be found online or at the health food store – mine was $14.

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